Ormeau Road

Ormeau Road BelfastIf you walk across River Lagan you will eventually come to Ormeau Road. This is not the typical shopping street, because here you will rather find the top independent shops and high quality clothes that you can not by everywhere else in Belfast and Europe. Close to the Ormeau Road you can also find Ormeau Park where you can send your husband while you shop, or where you can sit down to relax after some shopping.

Ormeau Road shop list

Evelin Brandt (the only store in Ireland where you can find the Evelin Brandt label – where you can also experience what they call personal shopping), La Femme (everything a girl needs), Off One, George & Gina Beauty, McConvey Cycles, Dramaqueens, The Frameworks and Willo.

Enjoy shopping and enjoy Belfast!

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