Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens BelfastBelfast Botanic Garden is not only a botanic garden, but a public park with a size on more than 100,000m2. It is a very popular area for relaxing, eating a lunch outside and for a romantic evening walk. The most famous building in the park is the Palm House, which had its foundation laid in 1839. Inside the palm house you can see a 400 year old Xanthorrhoea and some other beauties.

Belfast Botanic Gardens is also used for concerts and U2 and quite some other bands have been here lately. All alcohol consumption is banned in the park, so you should leave your alcohol behind as you enter the park. For those coming with children a larger playground can be found in the park. The park opens at 7.30 in the morning.

Belfast Botanic Gardens

College Park, Botanic Avenue, Belfast

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