Simply Red concert in Belfast 2015

Simply Red

Simply RedSimply Red will be on a world tour from October in 2015 and on this occasion the band will perform in Belfast too. Simply Red is an English soul and pop band which was formed in 1985.

Last year in November the band announced that they would reform again for the 30th anniversary of the band and they start their world tour in the autumn of 2015. The 2015 reunion line up of the band consists Mick Hucknall, Ian Kirkham, Steve Lewinson, Kenji Suzuki, Kevin Robinson, Dave Clayton and Roman Roth. The Simply Red will be on a world tour from October 2015 with the Big Love Tour 2015. On this occasion the band will give in total 40 shows in all over Europe. The band will give plenty of concerts in Germany in cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin and Dortmund and in the UK in cities like London, Belfast, Brighton, Leeds and so on.

In Belfast Simply Red will only give one concert on Wednesday 2nd December in 2015. The concert will take place at the Odyssey Arena. Tickets for the concert are already available.

For more information on the tickets and prices check the following site: WorldTicketShop.

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