Andy Warhol exhibition in Belfast

Andy Warhol, the king of the pop-art culture is a worldwide known figure. His famous works appear on bags and t-shirts nowadays too, so those people know these pictures too, who aren’t interested in this weird, blond gentleman’s art.

Andy Warhol was born in 1928. He was one of the most popular pop-artist. He started as an advert drawer, and after that he became famous because of his paintings and avant-garde films. However there were several gossips around his sexuality, but he was openly homosexual. His most famous works for example the paintings about the Campbell soup cans and Marilyn Monroe’s portraits. He was a weird man, a real artist, whose pictures spellbind everybody nowadays too.

In Belfast, in the popular MAC, or Metropolitan Art Centre there is a fantastic exhibition from Andy Warhol’s works between 8 February 2013 and 28 April 2013. On the exhibitions people can see Warhol’s most popular films and pictures.

Do not miss this probably unforgettable exhibition of one of the most famous pop-artists’ works. Be a witness of the underground culture, and let the psychedelic world and life philosophy of the 60s to whirl you for one night. It is sure, you won’t disappoint about the pictures, films and people. It will be a fantastic program, do not miss it!

Andy Warhol exhibition
Metropolitan Art Centre
February 8th – April 28th