Five Family-Friendly Activities for Families with a Stroller in Belfast

Belfast is a city that warmly welcomes families with its friendly atmosphere and diverse attractions. If you’re exploring Belfast with a stroller, rest assured that there are numerous family-friendly activities for you to enjoy. Here are five delightful experiences that cater to parents with strollers.

1. Titanic Belfast

Embark on a fascinating journey through maritime history at Titanic Belfast. This award-winning museum is not only informative but also stroller-friendly, with ramps and spacious areas for easy navigation. The interactive exhibits and immersive displays will captivate both parents and children, providing a memorable experience for the whole family.

2. Botanic Gardens and Palm House

Escape the urban hustle at the Botanic Gardens, a green oasis in the heart of Belfast. The well-maintained pathways make it stroller-accessible, allowing you to explore the beautiful flora and fauna. Don’t miss the iconic Palm House, a Victorian glasshouse filled with exotic plants. It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely family stroll and some fantastic photo opportunities.

family friendly belfast

3. Cave Hill Country Park

For an outdoor adventure suitable for strollers, head to Cave Hill Country Park. With its diverse landscapes, walking trails, and stunning panoramic views of Belfast, this park offers a perfect setting for a family picnic. The paths are stroller-friendly, providing a comfortable environment for both parents and little ones to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

4. W5 – Interactive Discovery Centre

W5, located in the Odyssey Complex, is a science and discovery center that promises an entertaining and educational experience for the whole family. The facility is equipped with ramps and elevators, making it accessible for strollers. Interactive exhibits, workshops, and play areas cater to children of all ages, ensuring a day filled with learning and fun.

5. Belfast Zoo

Belfast Zoo is a fantastic destination for families with strollers. The zoo’s pathways are designed to accommodate strollers easily, allowing you to explore the diverse animal exhibits comfortably. From playful primates to majestic big cats, your little ones will be enthralled by the variety of wildlife. With picnic areas and play zones, Belfast Zoo is a well-rounded family outing.

Don’t leave your kids at home as you come to Belfast

Belfast is an excellent destination for families with strollers. Whether you’re exploring the Titanic’s legacy, enjoying the tranquility of botanical gardens, or engaging in interactive science exhibits, Belfast has something for every family. Embrace the family-friendly atmosphere and create lasting memories as you navigate the city with ease and discover the charm of Northern Ireland’s capital.

The currency converter and the weather information is once again updated!

It has been a very long time since we released our last blog post here in the Belfast Guide, but here we are again. First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone as Christmas is just around the corner. How do we celebrate?

We celebrate with temperatures around 5 Celsius, with quite some wind, and with exactly that weather coming up in the next days as well. Would you like to know more? Take a look at our page about the climate in Belfast.

What’s up if you want to find out what is the difference in value between the USD, GBP, and EUR? We have also updated our currency converter, meaning that you can easily find out right now.

Once again, Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful trip to Belfast!

Rammstein Belfast 2020 tickets

Rammstein will be on their amazing Europe Stadium Tour in 2020, and Belfast is one of the cities that will be visited by the band. Would you like to be there at the Rammstein concert in Belfast on June 17th in 2020? Where to buy tickets for the Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020?

The Rammstein concert on June 17th will be arranged at Boucher Road Playing Fields. The event will start at 17.00.

Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020
Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020

The Boucher Road Playing Fields is located about 45 minutes (on foot) from the city center of Belfast, but it is possible to get there much faster using a cab or public transportation.

Tickets for the Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020

If you want to be there at the Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020, visit Eventim to buy official tickets straight from the main provider. This will make sure that you get a 100% valid ticket and you will not pay anything more than what you should.

  • Rammstein tickets at Eventim

As you click the link, you will not only find tickets for the Rammstein concert in Belfast. You will also find tickets for their concerts in other European cities, like Coventry, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Hamburg.

If you really want to listen to Rammstein during their Stadium tour in 2020, buy your tickets as quickly as possible. Most tickets are already sold out, meaning that the tickets for the Belfast concert are most likely to get sold out quickly as well!

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Will Rammstein perform in London or Dublin?

Maybe it would be tempting to experience Rammstein in Dublin instead? After all, it is located on two hours from Belfast with the train. Unfortunately, there will be no Rammstein concert in Dublin in 2020. What about London?

Based on our knowledge, there will be no Rammstein concert in London either. Of course, there will be concerts in Cardiff and also in Coventry, but Dublin and London will not be visited by the popular band.

The CS Lewis square in Belfast

CS Lewis might not be as famous as JRR Tolkien, but he is still an incredible author, and they actually knew one another. CS Lewis was born in Belfast, and in 2016, a square named after him was inaugurated. 

The square is a big one, located near the Connswater and Comber Greenways. You can see its location on the map beneath as well.

CS Lewis Square

If you decide to visit the CS Lewis square, you can drink some coffee in Jack’s Coffee Bar (CS Lewis was known as Jack among friends). But, more important are the seven sculptures located at the square itself, with the sculpture of Aslan being the most important.

Aslan at CS Lewis square
The fantastic Aslan at the CS Lewis square- Source

In addition to Aslan, you can also see sculptures of The White Witch, Mr. Tumnus, The Beavers, The Robin, and The Stone Table.

The CS Lewis square is a nice place to let your kids run around for some minutes while you sit down to enjoy some fresh air, or maybe a coffee in the coffee bar. It is also a perfect place to tell your kids about CS Lewis and his books. If they have already read them, this will be a place where the stories will come to life and they will for sure enjoy looking at the sculptures showing them characters they already know well!

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Northern Ireland vs Norway [World Cup 2018 qualification]

After a short break the World Cup 2018 qualifiers are back. Northern Ireland will start 2017 with a match against Norway, a match both teams need to win!

On the paper Norway should be a stronger team than Northern Ireland, but based on their performances so far, Northern Ireland should be far better. Norway has played terrible football during the World Cup qualification so far, and as a result, their main coach Per Hogmo left his job before Christmas. Their new coach is now ready, and the new coach might bring fear here and there, Lars Lagerback, the former coach of Iceland. But, can this Swedish guy who did miracles with Iceland, do the same for Norway as well?

If you want to watch the match between Northern Ireland and Norway in Belfast on March 26th, then you can buy tickets from Viagogo.

Northern Ireland vs Norway
This is not the Windsor Stadium, just an illustration!

The match will start at 20.45 (local time) and the venue is Windsor Park.

If you can’t be there at Windsor Park to watch the match, then you can stream it online here and there. You can for sure watch it at DPlay in Norway, and you might be able to watch it on Fubo TV as well.

The question is whether Kyle Lafferty can bring success to Northern Ireland once again? Or can the Norwegian goal-getter Joshua King, who has scored 11 goals for AFC Bournemouth this season in the Premier League bring hope back to the Norwegian fans? Time will show!

What else to do in Belfast?

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