Watching the World Cup 2014 in Northern Ireland

I booked a trip to Belfast and to Northern Ireland a long way back, and now I realised that I will be in Belfast during the World Cup 2014. As a football enthusiast I want to watch every single match of the World Cup, but how can I do so in Northern Ireland? Who will send and broadcast the different matches?

If you come to Northern Ireland you will have no problem watching the World Cup 2014, as you will be in a country packed with football crazy people who just like you, want to watch all matches from the World Cup. In the United Kingdom there are two channels that will broadcast from the World Cup, BBC and ITV. In general these channels will be available to everyone, so if you check out the TV in your hotel room in Belfast you will easily be able to watch all the matches from the World Cup 2014 live. If you want some more action, then you could of course go out and visit a pub or restaurant around in Belfast, and watch the matches there, accompanied by lots of football freaks from Belfast and tourists just like yourself!

If you want to watch the matches on your tablet or on your computer from your hotel room, then the situation will be somewhat different. Since you are in the UK and in Belfast, that should not be a problem, but if you for example take a day trip to Dublin and find out that you still want to watch the matches on UK TV, meaning either ITV or BBC, then you will need to get yourself an IP address in the UK, which again will make it possible for you to watch the matches online. Find out how you can watch the World Cup 2014 on ITV from abroad and how to watch the World Cup 2014 on BBC from abroad.

Now it is just to look forward to the tournament, and as you understand, you have no reason to worry, because during the World Cup there will be football on every single screen both in hotels, restaurants, pubs and on tablets and computer all around!

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