Boyzone concert in Belfast november 2013

Boyzone concert in Belfast

Most boy bands from the 90s have ended their time together. But the Irish group Boyzone is still going strong and in November you can get to see and hear them live in Belfast.

Boyzone concert in BelfastThe band includes five guys and it formed in 1993. The members were Keith Duffy, Stephen Gately, Mikex, Graham, Ronan Keating and Shane Lynch. They broke up for a little time in 2000, but they reunited in 2008. Unfortunately there was a terrible tragedy a little after the restart. Stephen Gately died in 2009. But boys haven’t given up, they continue the band today too, and they are very successful, especially in the island country.

They wrote several popular songs meanwhile their career, and these melodies were number one tracks on Irish and British top lists. The reason of their tour in 2013 is their 20th anniversary. They will appearance in Ireland and Great Britain too. Fans could except for fantastic concerts, doesn’t matter where they listen one of the pearls of the 90s.

Of course the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast couldn’t missed from the list of the stations. The boys’ concert will be in the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, on 29 November 2013. The arena opened its gate in 2000 and its capacity is 11,000 people.

So, if you love pop music from the 90s, the good atmosphere, happy melodies, than your place is in Belfast when the Boyzone charm their fans with an amazing concert for not the first or the last time. It could be a perfect concert experience for youngsters and elders too. Have a great time!

Boyzone concert in Belfast
Odyssey Arena
November 29th

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