Rammstein Belfast 2020 tickets

Rammstein will be on their amazing Europe Stadium Tour in 2020, and Belfast is one of the cities that will be visited by the band. Would you like to be there at the Rammstein concert in Belfast on June 17th in 2020? Where to buy tickets for the Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020?

The Rammstein concert on June 17th will be arranged at Boucher Road Playing Fields. The event will start at 17.00.

Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020
Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020

The Boucher Road Playing Fields is located about 45 minutes (on foot) from the city center of Belfast, but it is possible to get there much faster using a cab or public transportation.

Tickets for the Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020

If you want to be there at the Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020, visit Eventim to buy official tickets straight from the main provider. This will make sure that you get a 100% valid ticket and you will not pay anything more than what you should.

  • Rammstein tickets at Eventim

As you click the link, you will not only find tickets for the Rammstein concert in Belfast. You will also find tickets for their concerts in other European cities, like Coventry, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Hamburg.

If you really want to listen to Rammstein during their Stadium tour in 2020, buy your tickets as quickly as possible. Most tickets are already sold out, meaning that the tickets for the Belfast concert are most likely to get sold out quickly as well!

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Will Rammstein perform in London or Dublin?

Maybe it would be tempting to experience Rammstein in Dublin instead? After all, it is located on two hours from Belfast with the train. Unfortunately, there will be no Rammstein concert in Dublin in 2020. What about London?

Based on our knowledge, there will be no Rammstein concert in London either. Of course, there will be concerts in Cardiff and also in Coventry, but Dublin and London will not be visited by the popular band.

Can I watch Fubo TV in Northern-Ireland?

I have heard about Fubo TV, a streaming service which gives access to online streaming of Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League, Europe League, Liga BBVA and other football championships and tournaments. Is it possible to stream Fubo TV in Northern Ireland?

Football is on the rise in Northern Ireland, and with the national team playing fantastic football, young people around the nation look for ways to stream the major football leagues around the world online. So, Fubo TV is on the rise as well, and it seems to be a fantastic platform for streaming football online (look at this Fubo TV review for more information). But, is it possible to stream Fubo TV in Northern Ireland? You might live in Belfast, or maybe you are only traveling to Belfast, but the question remains.

Fubo TV in Northern Ireland
Fubo TV in Northern Ireland

Accessing Fubo TV in Northern Ireland

Whoever tries to visit the Fubo TV website in Northern Ireland will at once be welcomed by an error message, telling you that the services are unavailable in Northern Ireland (or anywhere you might be outside the United States). Luckily there are ways to get access to Fubo TV anyway, and if you want to get an actual answer to this question, we suggest that you read the following article in the IP Address Guide instead.

You could of course consider visiting sports pubs in Belfast instead of watching all the football online on Fubo TV (or some other platform). Belfast is packed with great pubs where you can watch the most important Premier League matches, and since these pubs show the broadcasts from BT Sport and Sky Sports, you can enjoy them in high quality.

Since Fubo TV also broadcast the Champions League/Europe League there could be a chance that you can even watch local teams from Northern Ireland on Fubo TV, but unfortunately the level of the club football in Northern Ireland isn’t that good yet, so we might have to wait a couple of years before the local teams get into these big international tournaments.

Andre Rieu concert in Belfast on December 9th

andre-rieu-concert in BelfastJust as sure as the fact that Santa Claus will show up is the fact that Andre Rieu is out touring Europe before Christmas. On December 9th the legendary violinist will come to Belfast!

The day before the Andre Rieu concert in Belfast he will perform only two hours from Belfast. What city do you believe we are thinking about? It shouldn’t be that hard, because there is one city that we recommend everyone coming to Belfast to visit during a day tour. The city is the capital of Ireland, better known as Dublin. Andre Rieu will perform there on December 8th and one day later he will be at the stage of the Odyssey Arena in Belfast to play his violin and to lead his orchestra.

Would you like to combine some Christmas shopping in Belfast with this amazing pre-Christmas concert with Andre Rieu? We can warmly recommend this combination! If you want to buy tickets for this event or maybe for the Andre Rieu concert in Dublin then you can do so using the link beneath.

After the Andre Rieu concert in Belfast he will travel on to cities such as Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and London before he leaves Great Britain to perform in cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels and more cities. The concert in Glasgow will be arranged on December 23rd and the next concert will be in Amsterdam on January 7th in 2017.

Andre Rieu concert in Belfast

December 9th, 20.00
Odyssey Arena

Tickets: Viagogo

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The Stone Roses concert in Belfast

Would you like to experience a fantastic event in Belfast during the summer of 2017? Come to the concert with The Stone Roses on June 13th in the Odyssey Arena.

The Odyssey Arena, also known as SSE Belfast, is a fantastic venue and it will be a perfect place to experience the concert in June 2017. The Stone Roses will be on a tour that will touch lots of cities all across Europe, but why not combine a weekend in Belfast with a concert? Doesn’t that sound cool? And if you have lots of times extra then you could do a day trip to Dublin, or maybe join in on one of the exciting excursions from Belfast?

Northfoto / Shutterstock.com

The Stone Roses concert in Belfast

Venue: Odyssey Arena
Date: June 21st, 17.00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you want to buy tickets for the concert in Belfast, use the ticket link above. After their performance in Belfast The Stone Roses will travel on to perform at Wembley Stadium in London and later they will go to Glasgow to perform at Hampden Park. Tickets for all those events can be bough from Viagogo.

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Elton John concert in Belfast

Elton John i BelfastOn December 2nd it is time for a pre-Christmas concert with Elton John in Belfast. Why not combine some Christmas shopping with a delightful Elton John concert in Belfast?

The Elton John concert will of course be arranged in the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, the magnificent concert venue. It is almost like an attraction itself, so when you buy your tickets for the concert you should think that you buy a ticket to more than just the concert, but also to the attraction named the Odyssey Arena. If you want to buy tickets for the concert then it can be done at Viagogo.

Elton John will not only visit Belfast in December, but he will travel to several other big cities in Europe like for example Paris.

While in Belfast we really recommend that you should visit the Titanic museum which is the most famous of all museums in town. But, do not miss out on the very nice and cozy city center of Belfast with shopping possibilities, good coffee and nice cakes!