If you want to see UK TV online from abroad (only available to people in the UK), read this!

If you are outside the UK and would like to see some kind of online broadcast, television show or similar online which is only available to people inside the UK our friends in the London Guide have written an interesting article which will help you out. Often television channels close down their online streams to people outside the UK, and thus you get some error message, a copyright message or something else telling you that you can not watch this live stream. What is the solution?

Read the following article about how to get an UK IP address, and get smarter and fix the problem within shortly!

We think this article will be useful to many of our friends in Belfast as well, since the city and Northern Ireland is a part of the UK, so when you go on a holiday to somewhere else, or maybe even move to somewhere else, with this information you can watch quite a lot of live streams from the UK still, wherever you are in the world! Enjoy!

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