Late night art tours in Belfast

The capital of North-Ireland, the wonderful Belfast offers several program opportunities to tourists, it could be day or night. There are several museums and galleries in the city which wait for the visitors with lauds of great exhibitions. If you like culture, you would like the next program description, especially if you like night fun too.

There are several museums and gallery in Belfast which invite people to an exciting cultural program on the first Thursday of every month. You can choose the program in walking or bus version too. The program starts on 6.30 PM until 9 PM, so you won’t be tired next day. The walking late night art tours’ meeting point is at the Exposed Gallery at 6.30 PM, and the end is at The Black Box at 8.30 PM. The bus tour starts at The Naughton Gallery at Queens University at 6.30 PM and ends at the Black Box around 9 PM. The bus tour isn’t free, but it’s a more convenient way of the tour, because you have an ordered bus what drive you from A to B. For the bus trip you can buy tickets in person in the Belfast Welcome Centre. The tours’ extra service in addition to the exciting night time is, visitors can hear different artists’ speeches.

Do not miss this interesting program in Belfast on the first Thursday of every month!


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