Rammstein Belfast 2020 tickets

Rammstein will be on their amazing Europe Stadium Tour in 2020, and Belfast is one of the cities that will be visited by the band. Would you like to be there at the Rammstein concert in Belfast on June 17th in 2020? Where to buy tickets for the Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020?

The Rammstein concert on June 17th will be arranged at Boucher Road Playing Fields. The event will start at 17.00.

Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020
Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020

The Boucher Road Playing Fields is located about 45 minutes (on foot) from the city center of Belfast, but it is possible to get there much faster using a cab or public transportation.

Tickets for the Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020

If you want to be there at the Rammstein concert in Belfast in 2020, visit Eventim to buy official tickets straight from the main provider. This will make sure that you get a 100% valid ticket and you will not pay anything more than what you should.

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As you click the link, you will not only find tickets for the Rammstein concert in Belfast. You will also find tickets for their concerts in other European cities, like Coventry, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Hamburg.

If you really want to listen to Rammstein during their Stadium tour in 2020, buy your tickets as quickly as possible. Most tickets are already sold out, meaning that the tickets for the Belfast concert are most likely to get sold out quickly as well!

If you want to enjoy even more great programs in Belfast, look around here in our Belfast Guide for more information about famous attractions, cool museums, and other activities worth checking out!

Will Rammstein perform in London or Dublin?

Maybe it would be tempting to experience Rammstein in Dublin instead? After all, it is located on two hours from Belfast with the train. Unfortunately, there will be no Rammstein concert in Dublin in 2020. What about London?

Based on our knowledge, there will be no Rammstein concert in London either. Of course, there will be concerts in Cardiff and also in Coventry, but Dublin and London will not be visited by the popular band.

Tennents Vital 2012

Tennents Vital is back in Belfast, and this year The Stone Roses, Florence and the Machine and quite some other cool artists will come to Belfast to perform. The venue for this years Tennents Vital is the Boucher Playing Fields, and the dates are August 21st and 22nd. For more information, visit the Tennents Vital page. There you will also find information about purchasing tickets and more information about what artists will perform at the event in 2012.

Tennents Vital 2012
August 21st and 22nd
Boucher Playing Fields

This is a cool event in Belfast, but if you want to be at a more crowded place with more people and maybe even cooler concerts, you better check out the Belsonic Festival instead!