Where to live in Belfast during spring 2013?

Are you coming to Belfast this spring and you are still looking for a place to stay? We have look around at the different hotels in Belfast and here you have some recommendations from us!

Belfast is not the biggest city, so there are not thousands of hotels to choose between. Since the hotel is quite small it is important to find a hotel with a central location, because then you will not need to spend much time using public transportation. Instead you can enjoy your days in Northern Island shopping, visiting the Titanic museum and checking all the other famous Belfast attractions on foot.

Here you can find three hotels in Belfast which can be warmly recommended to all visitors coming to town during spring 2013.

Recommended spring hotels in Belfast
Jurys Inn Belfast (***)
Hilton Belfast (*****)
Mamaison Belfast (****)

belfast hotels spring

Good Belfast hotels now!

The late summer and the early autumn is a very popular time to travel and visit large cities across Europe, and Belfast is one of those. In these days, when the eyes of the world focus on London, you might sit at home and plan your visit to Belfast, and therefore we thought we could share some hotel recommendations for you. The hotels mentioned in this text are all located in the centre of Belfast and they have good prices available currently. When you visit Belfast it is important to select a hotel that has the services you need and of course a good location, and hopefully these hotels will suit you well (at least one of them).

Make sure to select a hotel with free WiFi if that is important to, as most of the hotels in Belfast have free WiFi, but you need to pay for those services.

Good Belfast hotels now!

– Hilton Belfast (*****) – Reserve room
– Europa Hotel (****) – Reserve room
– Premier Inn City Centre (***) – Reserve room
– The Merchant Hotel (*****) – Reserve room

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