Bruce Springsteen Belfast 2013

Bruce Springsteen Concert Belfast 20132013 has arrived and with it we can welcome the better and better programs and concerts’ era. The summertime get closer and closer, and very slowly, but we almost reach the warm July, and with it we can welcome again a very talented and loved rock star in the Island Country. And this rock star could be just one: Bruce Springsteen.

Some people may heard about that Mr. Springsteen plucks the guitar strings in the music life a long time ago, but the time haven’t bungled neither the singer, nor his group, the E Street Band, nor their music. Bruce Springsteen was an average guy from New Jersey. He was born in 1949. He was just 16 years old in 1965 when he has started the musician career. At that time he didn’t reach the stars, but ten years later, in 1975 he and the E Street Band gave out a very strong album, the Born to Run, and this LP has taken then to over the stars.

In this year Mr. Springsteen is going to start a world wide concert tour to show the newest job of the Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band to the world. This is the 30th album, the Wrecking Ball.

After June the group will return to the Great Britian’s neighborhood at 16 July 2013, entirely exactly to Ireland, to the Thomond Park Stadium in Limerick City. Their next stop will be at 17 PM, 20 July 2013 in the Kings Hall Arena in Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast. After that the next show will be at 19 PM, 23 July 2013 in the Millenium Stadium Cardiff in Cardiff.

Everybody who can go, don’t miss these unforgettable concert experiences, which will be the top of the summer programs. Have a good time!

Bruce Springsteen Belfast 2013

Kings Hall
July 20th 17.00

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