Katy Perry Belfast concerts 2014

Katy Perry BelfastTogether with the Robbie Williams concerts in June 2014, the Katy Perry concerts might be considered the highlight of the year in the music industry in Northern Ireland and in Belfast.

Katy Perry will be at “The Brit Awards” in the O2 Arena in London on February 19th, and the next time she shows up for a big event will be in Belfast in May. On May 7th and on May 8th she will be the hotshot in town as she steps up in the Odyssey Arena to impress, amaze and let her fans sing all her favorite songs together with her.

If you want to be at one or both of the Katy Perry concerts in Belfast that can be arranged. You can buy tickets for the events using the ticket link further down. But, hurry up, because it is going to get packed and it is not easy to find free tickets around for these events.