Can I watch Fubo TV in Northern-Ireland?

I have heard about Fubo TV, a streaming service which gives access to online streaming of Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League, Europe League, Liga BBVA and other football championships and tournaments. Is it possible to stream Fubo TV in Northern Ireland?

Football is on the rise in Northern Ireland, and with the national team playing fantastic football, young people around the nation look for ways to stream the major football leagues around the world online. So, Fubo TV is on the rise as well, and it seems to be a fantastic platform for streaming football online (look at this Fubo TV review for more information). But, is it possible to stream Fubo TV in Northern Ireland? You might live in Belfast, or maybe you are only traveling to Belfast, but the question remains.

Fubo TV in Northern Ireland
Fubo TV in Northern Ireland

Accessing Fubo TV in Northern Ireland

Whoever tries to visit the Fubo TV website in Northern Ireland will at once be welcomed by an error message, telling you that the services are unavailable in Northern Ireland (or anywhere you might be outside the United States). Luckily there are ways to get access to Fubo TV anyway, and if you want to get an actual answer to this question, we suggest that you read the following article in the IP Address Guide instead.

You could of course consider visiting sports pubs in Belfast instead of watching all the football online on Fubo TV (or some other platform). Belfast is packed with great pubs where you can watch the most important Premier League matches, and since these pubs show the broadcasts from BT Sport and Sky Sports, you can enjoy them in high quality.

Since Fubo TV also broadcast the Champions League/Europe League there could be a chance that you can even watch local teams from Northern Ireland on Fubo TV, but unfortunately the level of the club football in Northern Ireland isn’t that good yet, so we might have to wait a couple of years before the local teams get into these big international tournaments.