Roy Walker in Belfast November 2012

Roy Walker is one of the most well-known comedian in Great-Britain appeared in TV shows and radio programs making people lough everywhere in the English speaking countries North. Now, the goal of his big tour is to prove his humor in live, fulfilling all fans requirements. The tour starts in Ireland form the 14th of September at Theatre at the Mill, Newtownabbey. Continues on the 21st September at Ardhowen, Enniskillen, and on the 22nd September at Riverside, Coleraine when the highlight moment comes: 18th November at the Grand Opera House, in Belfast. Nice place to finish. Roy is 72 years old but it can not be seen in his interview where he said that he is looking forward to performing to home crowds, because of the special audience that even in one country, varies.

He loves passionately what he is doing. His journey began with a decision to travel London to become a professional comedian in his teenage age where he got the first performance in 1977 in the TV Show: New Faces receiving the highest marks ever given to a comedian. Then success was not far from him: appearances in more TV shows: This is your life, Phoenix Lights, I am Famous and Frightened, finally but not last: Catchphrase

The show mentioned last took so many success to Roy that he won a whole new fun base and the show was transmitted to Chris Moyles, BBC Radio 1 breakfast show in the years of 2000. In 2008, he debuts at the Edinburgh Festival.
On the personal side, he has three children who could all make great success in their careers in the world that we call: show business. Even if you do not know the Irish humor, or the British one, you just have to try it. Of course they are different from the one we have in Central Europe, but this is the beauty. Roy is ready to have fun with you now, so are you ready for Roy?

Roy Walker Theatre Tour

18th November
Grand Opera House
Belfast, Ireland