The Who concert in Belfast

What could be a better program in the early summer, than see a legendary rock band legendary concert? If you like the really good rock music too, well, I think it is totally worth to travel for it. The legendary British rock band, the Who will give hilarious concerts in different cities in Europe, including the fantastic capital of Northern Ireland, in Belfast. If you want to know more information about this program, keep up reading our article.

The Who is a British rock band, what was founded by Pete Townshend guitarist, Roger Daltrey singer, John Entwistle bass guitarist and Keith Moon drummer in 1964. The band is known as one of the starters of the hard rock genre. Their concerts were famous and notorious in the same time, and I am sure, that time didn’t break this image and the legends can make hilarious parties nowadays too. However unfortunately two members, Keith Moon drummer and John Entwistle bass guitarist are already died, but it worth to see how the remaining members with the new ones will brush up the good old times and they will strike the strings and the drums to charm the old and new fans too.

If you want to be a part of this unforgettable experience too, than your only task is to travel to the amazing Northern Ireland at 10 June 2013 to the Odyssey Arena and party could start! Have a great time!

The Who concert
June 10th
Odyssey Arena

Tickets: Viagogo