The CS Lewis square in Belfast

CS Lewis might not be as famous as JRR Tolkien, but he is still an incredible author, and they actually knew one another. CS Lewis was born in Belfast, and in 2016, a square named after him was inaugurated. 

The square is a big one, located near the Connswater and Comber Greenways. You can see its location on the map beneath as well.

CS Lewis Square

If you decide to visit the CS Lewis square, you can drink some coffee in Jack’s Coffee Bar (CS Lewis was known as Jack among friends). But, more important are the seven sculptures located at the square itself, with the sculpture of Aslan being the most important.

Aslan at CS Lewis square
The fantastic Aslan at the CS Lewis square- Source

In addition to Aslan, you can also see sculptures of The White Witch, Mr. Tumnus, The Beavers, The Robin, and The Stone Table.

The CS Lewis square is a nice place to let your kids run around for some minutes while you sit down to enjoy some fresh air, or maybe a coffee in the coffee bar. It is also a perfect place to tell your kids about CS Lewis and his books. If they have already read them, this will be a place where the stories will come to life and they will for sure enjoy looking at the sculptures showing them characters they already know well!

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