Elton John concert in Belfast

Elton John i Belfast

Elton John i BelfastOn December 2nd it is time for a pre-Christmas concert with Elton John in Belfast. Why not combine some Christmas shopping with a delightful Elton John concert in Belfast?

The Elton John concert will of course be arranged in the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, the magnificent concert venue. It is almost like an attraction itself, so when you buy your tickets for the concert you should think that you buy a ticket to more than just the concert, but also to the attraction named the Odyssey Arena. If you want to buy tickets for the concert then it can be done at Viagogo.

Elton John will not only visit Belfast in December, but he will travel to several other big cities in Europe like for example Paris.

While in Belfast we really recommend that you should visit the Titanic museum which is the most famous of all museums in town. But, do not miss out on the very nice and cozy city center of Belfast with shopping possibilities, good coffee and nice cakes!

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